48 Hours

Forty-eight hours before shutting down for the Thanksgiving holiday, Neal Strohmeyer received a call from a client whose current supplier had let them down.

The client asked Neal to produce a family of precision components for eight complex mechanical assemblies that would, under normal conditions, take weeks to manufacture. Using the extraordinary expertise of Triangle’s best planners, program engineers and machinists, the team developed a carefully coordinated, around the clock schedule to complete the 32 individual CNC operations required, plus a vendor supported heat-treating process prior to assembly.

The work was complete just in time for the client to pick up the components at 4 am on Thanksgiving morning – the parts still warm from the heat-treating process.

In order to assure the client’s assembly process was completed as planned, Neal and one of Triangle’s lead engineers joined the client’s assembly team at their facility that morning to support the assembly process and do whatever was necessary to see the product was shipped off to the client’s customer before the sun set on Thanksgiving Day.