From Co-Op to Associate Engineer – Dave Cranstoun

Dave Cranstoun was exposed to engineering at an early age by his grandfather – a Professional Engineer who designed piping and boiler parts for power plants across the country. Inspired by his grandfather’s work, some drafting and design classes in high school, and a general thirst for solving problems a career in engineering seemed like a natural fit. On May 16th, Dave received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology with a job at Triangle already lined up for a June 5th start. For Dave, holding a 2 year co-op position and becoming a full time associate at Triangle is something he is very proud of.

Over the last 2 years, Dave has gained experience at Triangle far beyond what could be offered in a classroom. The complexity of manufacturing including hands on designing and tooling, project management, and working with customers on a daily basis have helped him become a well rounded professional. The family oriented environment instilled a feeling of confidence and comfort allowing him to ask questions, make suggestions, and talk to any associate regardless of their title; all of which enabled him to grow substantially as an engineer. Additionally, “the freedom to work on so many different projects is incomparable to other places” according to Dave who has worked on various projects including document updates; process, equipment, and part design; and working one on one with customers on their product designs and processes to make them more cost-effective and manufacturable.

As if going to school full time and having an intensive co-op with Triangle didn’t take up enough of his time, Dave also volunteers with a local fire department. This year, he was elected to become a Lieutenant and a driver for the fire department. Dave is extremely proud of these achievements since joining the department five years ago.