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In 1955, Willie Strohmeyer founded Triangle Manufacturing. He was a master builder, a marine and a successful machine shop engineer. He was so skillful, in fact, he believed he could do things better himself, so that’s exactly what he pursued. He left his job in aerospace engineering, joined forces with two other enterprising colleagues, and opened his own manufacturing facility in a suburban New Jersey garage.

Willie thrived on taking risks and solving complex challenges. Sixty years later that same entrepreneurial, “roll-up-your-sleeves and get it done” spirit is alive and well at Triangle.

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Today, Willie’s three-man operation has grown into a 250-person business occupying 107,000 square feet of space spread over four state-of-the-art-facilities in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Here teams of engineers, project managers, and second and third generation Strohmeyers continue the work that founder Willie started, tackling complex engineering and manufacturing challenges every day.

Meet the Strohmeyer family and hear their reflections on the life of founder Willie Strohmeyer and their vision for the future.


Imagining a world where all innovative medical devices are a reality.



Triangle Manufacturing is not only a family-run business; it's also a place where our associates feel like family. Everyone from our account managers to our production associates to our President lives the same values and brings the same passion to their work each day.

Meet our Leadership Team

Meet our
Leadership Team

Neal Strohmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Dax Strohmeyer President
Diane Hurley Director, Strategic Sourcing
Steve Powell Vice President, Operations
Michelle Kaplan Vice President, Human Resources
Nick Aselta Director, Finance
Carrie Maurya Vice President, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs
Triangle Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Innovative. Life. Solutions.

Meet some of our dedicated Triangle Associates

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  • Ashley V.
  • Koick M.
  • Lou D.
  • Michelle K.
  • Willie A.
  • John Q.
  • Nick A.
  • Mirek T.
  • Nary K.
  • Kelly C.
  • Tomasz E. | Alex T. | Bob I. | Frantz M.
  • Eric G. | Luilly P.
  • Aleks W.
  • Bob P.
  • Daniel C.
  • Tiffany A.
  • Roisin H.
  • Nady G.
  • Carrie M.

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Triangle’s New Jersey roots are deep. We were founded in Rochelle Park, New Jersey and continue to thrive in more than 107,000 square feet over four state-of-the-art facilities at our Upper Saddle River campus. We are proud to support our community and dedicated to helping educate future generations of engineers and manufacturing associates.